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Got this vacuum cleaner from PGT. Recieved on time and product is authentic thank you soo much💯💯💯💯

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Fast transaction, reliable and easy to contact with. Hands up for PGT, surely will recommend to all my colleagues

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  • Automatic Honey Dispenser with Stand - Leakproof Honeycomb Jar (Acrylic, BPA-Free)

    Regular price Dhs. 20.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 20.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 25.00 AED
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    Effortless Honey Dispensing: Say goodbye to sticky messes and dripping honey! This automatic dispenser uses gravity to effortlessly dispense honey with a single press. No more...

  • Automatic Luqaimat Maker: Effortless Sweet Dumplings (UAE)

    Regular price Dhs. 195.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 195.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 250.00 AED
    Sale Sold out

    Impress guests with perfect Luqaimat every time! This electric appliance features: Automatic Function: Simply add dough and enjoy delicious dumplings in minutes. Temperature Control: Ensures consistent results for...

  • Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets | Long-Lasting Fragrance & Descaling

    Regular price Dhs. 15.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 15.00 AED Regular price
    Sale Sold out

    Effortless Cleaning: Removes dirt and stains for a sparkling toilet bowl. Freshens & Deodorizes: Fights unpleasant odors with long-lasting fragrance. Safe & Gentle: Mild formula protects...

  • Body Sculpting Shirt for Men | Slim Look T-Shirt (Do not claim weight loss)

    Regular price Dhs. 26.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 26.00 AED Regular price
    Sale Sold out

    Creates a Sleek Silhouette: Hugging fabric shapes a toned appearance. Comfortable Support: Spandex and nylon blend provides a secure fit. Discreet Under Clothing: Smooths out bulges...

  • Cat Paw Silicone Face Scrubber

    Regular price Dhs. 17.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 17.00 AED Regular price
    Sale Sold out

    Soft & Safe: Food-grade silicone gently cleanses without harming skin. Effective Cleansing: Creates rich lather for makeup removal and deep cleansing. Adorable Cat Paw Design: Cute and ergonomic handle...

  • Double Wheel Multifunction Abdominal Exercise Roller – Blue

    Regular price Dhs. 25.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 25.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 45.00 AED
    Sale Sold out

    Ab Roller Acts As Your Personal Fitness Trainer. It Is Perfect Abdominal & Stomach Exerciser, Core Training, Carver Fitness Workout. It Helps You To Build Stronger...

  • Eco-Friendly Portable AC with Double Fans & 3 Wind Speeds for Home

    Regular price Dhs. 50.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 50.00 AED Regular price
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    Double Cooling Power: Dual fans maximize cool air circulation for ultimate comfort. Energy-Saving & Eco-Friendly: Uses minimal electricity compared to traditional ACs and contains no harmful...

  • Electric Baby Nail Trimmer & File with LED Light & 10 Grinding/Polishing Heads

    Regular price Dhs. 23.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 23.00 AED Regular price
    Sale Sold out

    Safe & Gentle for All Ages: Includes 4 cushioned polishing heads for babies and 4 replacement heads. Multi-Speed & Rotation: High/low speed control and clockwise/counterclockwise rotation...

  • Electric Peri Bottle Bidet for Postpartum Care & Menstrual Relief - Portable Bidet Sprayer

    Regular price Dhs. 55.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 55.00 AED Regular price
    Sale Sold out

    Postpartum & Menstrual Relief: Soothes and cleans the perineal area after childbirth or during menstruation. Hands-Free & Adjustable Pressure: Electric auto-watering with 2 pressure modes for targeted relief....

  • Electric Quick Cleaning Fish Skin Brush Rechargeable

    Regular price Dhs. 120.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 120.00 AED Regular price
    Sale Sold out

    Effortless Scaling: Electric design removes fish scales quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort. Powerful Motor: High-performance motor tackles tough scaling jobs with ease. Safe & Durable: Made with...

  • H5 Mini Projector: Big Screen Entertainment on the Go

    Regular price Dhs. 233.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 233.00 AED Regular price
    Sale Sold out

    Turn any space into a cinema with the ultra-portable H5 Mini Projector! HD Clarity: Enjoy crisp and vibrant visuals on a projected screen or wall. Large Screen...

  • Kid Rug Carpet Playmat for Toy Cars and Train,Play Area Rug with Rubber Backing,Fun Throw Rug,Ideal Gift for Children Baby Bedroom Play Room

    Regular price Dhs. 80.00 AED
    Sale price Dhs. 80.00 AED Regular price Dhs. 120.00 AED
    Sale Sold out

    Material: 100% polyester fiber. Thickness: 6mm, moderate thickness, which can insulate the cold of the floor. It won't cause the toy to fall over!This City Rug...